Jaze Itchi

Stuck in-between “Want” & “Need”

Posted on: January 21, 2009

How often we got ourselves in such situation when we were doing “window shopping”? Saw something that we really want it, but due to cash flow, we added it into our wishlist and it keeps on adding. When we have the cash, head into the store, pick up the item and just before heading the cashier. There’s a thought just strike from nowhere – is this a want or a need? We will kinda stuck in-between want and need. Oh man, I hate this.

Wikipedia define “Want” as –
In economics, a want is something desired having to do with, distinct from a need. It’s said that people have unlimited wants, but limited supplied resources. Thus, people can’t have everything they want and must look for the best alternatives sometimes that will cost them less. This may be distressing to some people and may lead to depression which can be avoided if other people can give them their original wants so long as it’s not a great burden on others.

People usually carry the tendency to have a strong desire to obtain something. This desire, known as “want” has been established since the beginning of life. The first cavemen wanted to be safe so they developed weapons. Before cavemen there were dinosaurs that were hungry and needed to eat. They wanted food so badly that they would kill other dinosaurs in order to satisfy their want.

There is an often stated quote, “You always want what you can’t have.” It is meaning that after we have something, it is no longer a want, so we move onto the next ‘want’ on our list.

In psychology, a “want” indicates an existing need.

Want is when you want something that you dont have. example: “I want wanton soup, but I do not have any, therefore I cannot have what I want.”

Wikipedia define “Need” as –
A human need can be defined either psychologically or objectively. These may be connected: the non-satisfaction of an objective need — the failure to “pay” a cost of being a human — is likely perceived by the needy as a “felt need.” On the other hand, the specific manifestation of objective needs is defined by individual preferences and psychology: the need for food can appear in many different ways.


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