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KDDI au’s Spring 2009 phones

Posted on: February 1, 2009

As you may know Japan’s flip mobile phones still in production. At the same time, they are spinning together with the world too by bringing other brands such as the infamous Apple iPhone, and even LG & Samsung from Korea, in order to provide their consumers a wider range of selection. Yet, I still find Japan is still being invaded by flip phones.

Whenever I encountered someone using a flip phone in Singapore, I ‘m always very curious if he/she is using a Japanese phone. I always wanted to owned one, and on the other hand it’s pretty easy to buy one off locally too. Then what’s stopping me?

The display is always in very high resolution, the slim body frame, the sleek and dynamic design and sometimes its pretty innovative too. You can purchase a Japanese phone with Hyper Sim or unlock version in Singapore and they are  ranging from SGD$700 and above. The positive factors of owning a Japanese phone are – looking cool, very fashionable and different from others. The down factors are – the moblie phone can’t operate it’s full functions, such as, you can’t *MMS, *GPRS, *GPS, watch digital TV.

In Japan, it can be a very powerful multimedia device. Most of the phones are partnered with Yahoo! Japan for internet access via mobile phone because in Japan, it’s kinda impossible to find any areas that provides WiFi access.

Spending so much yet I can’t get the full function of the moblie phone, I don’t think it’s wise to spend that hard earn cash just to look cool, fashionable and different from others. Maybe one day I will owned one when I’m living in Japan.

For more information of the Spring collection, visit KDDI au.


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